CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews)

We pride in a well equiped Call Center, manned by well trained staff, with a vast experience in handling telephone interviews. All our interviews are monitored and recorded for quality assurance to ensure all interviews meet the MSRAs code of conduct.

Our CATI system increases accuracy, improves productivity, reduces turnaround times and provides greater management control than pen and paper questionnaire management. As the pioneers of CATI system in the East Africa region, we pride in the experience we have acrued over the years.

Use our well equipped call center to reach out to your target respondent.

Online Questionnaire

With an ever growing accessible to computing and internet, online interviews are also becoming more popular. This allows the respondents to take part part in surveys while also reducing the cost of research. Our online surveys run on a secure, robust and user friendly platform. It is capable of handling short or lengthy, simple or complex forms while ensuring a smooth transition between questions and question groups. We also guarantee accurate data by controlling the question routing and quota control.

Our system has the capability of administering both public(uncontrolled) surveys and private(controlled) controlled surveys. This guarantees response from both the public and specific target audience. Use or online system and reach out to the multitude at their convenience and comfort while experiencing increased accuracy, mass response and reduced turnaround times.

Mystery Shopping/Immersions

We have a vast experience in mystery shopping and immersions. Our audio and visual gadgets and tools will help you experience what your customers go through everyday.

Use our Secret Shopper to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.

MAPI (Mobile Assisted Personal Interviews)

With over 400 registered interviewers with tablets and smart phones, we are proud of being the pioneers of mobile data collection in East and central African. Our widespread network in the region allows us to reach respondents in the most remote locations.

Our MAPI system allows for both online and offline data collection and also eliminates the cost and time spent on transporting, coding and entering the responses on physical questionnaires. Whether, simple or complex, short or lengthy, plain text or multimedia, all questions types fit out system perfectly.

Use our MAPI platform to collect data real-time and save time and money and also join the world of environmental conservationist by reducing use of paper.

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