Services If you are looking to enter a new market, create a new brand, find out how satisfied customers or employees are, target markets more efficiently, develop a new product or test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, then SBO Research is your solution provider. We provide a wide range of products that will help you get the right information from the market at the right time. Use our technology and techniques to reach listen to the market and get the appropriate market insights for your business.

Smart Trade

Our trade research(Retail Audit) rides on robust coverage, customized category panels; delivered by the best brains with a local touch. Know the complete retail landscape through our census studies.

The Purple Cow

Milk our Purple Cow - the new 'P' Understand the trends among consumers in the Bottom of the Pyramid. Subscribe to our monthly or quarterly report. Unlock the "poverty penalty" and turn the pyramid into a diamond.

Omnibus solution

Take a seat in the bus by placing a few questions in our national omnibus(sample N=6,000) every quarter; great value for money. Book your ticket now.


Culture Audit Research : A collation of Values and norms that control the way people and groups interact, with each other and with other stakeholders outside the organization

KYC - (Know Your Client)

Customer Loyalty Index, Satisfaction Index and Net Promoter Score


An Affirmative Action based marketing strategy for the female consumer – “Know what is trending in woman’s world e.g. contents of handbags”


An exploration on Social media consumption habits of generation “X, Y and Z”

SPI(Shopper Personal Investigation)

Mystery shopping enhanced by unobtrusive technology; smart shoppers and  competitor brand analysis based on intelligent trade and business data

Custom BPO Services

We offer the following services at our BPO center :-

  • Data collection (Fieldwork)
  • Data capture (Data entry)
  • Data analysis
  • Scanning solutions
  • Professional transcription

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